Quick and Easy Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall has arrived and it’s been raining here in New Jersey—perhaps a sign of things to come these next few months. While it’s really easy to neglect your yard and property during this wet and colder season, it’s especially important to keep tending to your yard and maintaining your landscape.

So to make things easier, we’ve created this quick guide of fall landscaping tips.

Remove those leaves

With the cold weather coming, trees are beginning to shed their leaves, and you know what that means: raking time! Most people absolutely dread raking leaves, but it’s extremely important. There are a few reasons why you should rake the leaves in the fall. One is that if you don’t, they’ll be on your lawn all winter and look terrible. The other reason is that your grass needs sunlight to remain healthy and prepare for the winter, but leaves tend to cover the grass and could harbor unwanted fungi.

Apply mulch

Fall is the perfect time for spreading mulch around your garden and trees. Make a compost pile from all the leaves you rake up and you can use your own homemade mulch to ensure your soil does not dry up or erode.

Bring in your gardening supplies

Everything from your water hose to your gardening spades should be brought inside for fall and winter. You don’t want to run the risk of losing something in the leaves or snow and having it rust.

Consider adding new plants

It may seem counterintuitive, but fall is actually a good time to plant new shrubs in your yard. There are more sales at nurseries this time of year and the ground is great for planting new things. The rain, as we’re getting right now, hydrates the plants, and the cooler weather does not put as much strain on the roots as the hot temperatures of summer.

Remove dead plants or dying limbs

Fall is also a time to really clean up your yard. That big fragile branch hovering over your car should be removed in the fall because once winter comes and the snow begins to pile up on the branch, it will snap and crush your car. Remove any weak branches or limbs from your property to avoid damage in winter.