Tips For Snow Removal

With Hurricane Sandy barely in the rear view mirror, New Jersey is about to get hit with a nor’easter that’s supposed to drop a few inches of snow on the area. The potential rain and quickly dropping temperatures could also mean a lot of ice buildup.

Damage, especially since many places have yet to recover from the previous storm, might be exacerbated. And whether you’re a business looking to stay open in a storm or a resident who wants to keep your driveway clear, snow and ice removal will be important. Give us a call if you’re interested in commercial snow and ice management.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Opt for a professional

If you’re a business, selecting a professional snow remover is important because shoveling the snow yourself is simply out of the question. You’ll need someone with a snow plow, since that is one of the only effective ways to get rid of large amounts of snow. You should also choose someone with experience.

Only shovel small amounts of snow

For smaller jobs, it’s fine to use a snow shovel to clear your driveway or sidewalk. If it’s anything more than that, you should avoid shoveling because you can risk injury, especially if it’s in the morning. Shovel small portions of snow at once to not strain yourself.

Consider a snow blower for heavy snow

A much better alternative to the traditional labor associated with shoveling snow is the snow blower. A snow blower is essentially a small snow plow that can clear large amounts of snow by tossing it aside. A single-stage snow blower is a great option for residential areas.

Use rock salt for icy sidewalks

One of the biggest enemies after snow storms is ice. It can sit speciously waiting on your sidewalk or driveway for you to come along to slip and fall. If you’ve done some shoveling or the sidewalk is relatively clear, put down some rock salt to de-ice the area and create friction.